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The following are answers to some frequently asked questions, please contact us if you have other questions.

Are You a Factory or Trading Company?

We are a professional manufacturer of outdoor heating products and outdoor mailboxes. At present, we provide products and services to the United States, Germany, Kuwait and other countries.

Are Our Products Just the Products Displayed on the Website?

The products on our website are only part of our production, and some new products are not updated in time. Some products are customized and cannot be used for display. So if you want more product information, please contact us.

Can I Make a OEM Order?

We often customize some products for our customers. Including trademarks. We have professional designers and developers to design and develop your favorite products for you.

What does Your Factory do in Terms of Quality Control?

What does your factory do in terms of quality control? Quality is the life of an enterprise. Our quality control is from the design of products, to the procurement of raw materials, production processes, product packaging and delivery, each link is controlled, and the corresponding testing is carried out. If necessary, we will carry out the corresponding test according to your request.

How is the Packing of Your Product?

How is the packing of your product? We export a lot of overseas products, but we haven’t received any problems in this respect so far. There are two main kinds of packaging for our products. The first is the ordinary packaging for offline stores, which is relatively cheap. The second is the mail-order packaging for the website, which needs to meet the relevant standards of mail-order express delivery, and the cost is relatively high. We will take some relevant photos when the product is shipped, if you need it, please ask for it from us.

How is Your After-Sales Protection?

We have been operating this industry for a long time, and we will operate this industry for a long time in the future, so if you have any questions, please contact us in time. We will certainly have a solution to your satisfaction.

Does your company support custom products?

We can develop merchandise based on custom products and retain copyright.

Is there any test report I can refer to?

Yes, you can contact us at any time and we will reply you as soon as possible and provide you with detailed information.

Does your company have a BSCI?

Yes, BSCI is available.

Does your company have experience in foreign cooperation?

Yes, our main clients are in USA, UK, Germany and Middle East…etc. Our total sales are over US$700 million and we have extensive export experience.